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  • Farm Stores

    Farm Stores

    Scott, LA

    • Brand New Construction
    • Absolute NNN Lease
  • Dollar General | Sarah Akamine Softball Training

    Dollar General | Sarah Akamine Softball Training

    Jackson, TN

    • Low Price Point, High Yield
    • Investment Grade Credit Tenant
    • Recent 5-Year Lease Extension
  • Sherwin-Williams


    Grand Prairie, TX

    • Investment-Grade Tenant
    • Strategic Location
    • Favorable Lease
  • O'Reilly Auto Parts

    O'Reilly Auto Parts

    Enid, OK

    • National investment-grade tenant
    • Tenant commitment to location
    • Limited landlord responsibilities
  • Family Dollar

    Family Dollar

    Monroe, LA

    • Best-in-class operator
    • Renewal options with rental increases
    • Long-term tenant commitment
  • Luminaire Los Angeles

    Luminaire Los Angeles

    West Hollywood, CA

    • Multi-Billion-Dollar Lease Guarantor
    • Long-Term NNN Lease
    • Heart of West Hollywood Design District
  • Rockwell Automation, Inc.

    Rockwell Automation, Inc.

    Thornton, IL

    • S&P: A Rated
    • Absolute NNN
    • Long-Term Occupancy