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272 Listings

  • Atlanta South Multi-Tenant Office Buildings

    Atlanta South Multi-Tenant Office Buildings

    Atlanta, GA

    • 70% of rent from government tenants
    • Densely populated area
    • Recent capital improvements
  • Vacant Land

    Vacant Land

    San Antonio, TX

    • Vacant development site
    • Strong retail corridor
    • Exceptional visibility
  • Stones of Pensacola

    Stones of Pensacola

    Pensacola, FL

    • Small Price Point
    • New Lease Term and Renewal Options
    • Annual Increases
  • Chick-fil-A Additional Parking Lot (Ground Lease)

    Chick-fil-A Additional Parking Lot (Ground Lease)

    Dallas, GA

    • Brand new 15-year lease with rental increases
    • Dense retail corridor
    • Renewal options with increases
  • Dollar General

    Dollar General

    Scottsbluff, NE

    • Early lease extension
    • Corporate retail giant as tenant
    • Proximity to a national park
  • Vacant Drive-Thru Restaurant

    Vacant Drive-Thru Restaurant

    Huntingdon, TN

    • Located on a primary traffic hub
    • Nearby Retailers include Dollar General and Wendy's
  • O'Reilly Auto Parts

    O'Reilly Auto Parts

    Enid, OK

    • National investment-grade tenant
    • Tenant commitment to location
    • Limited landlord responsibilities
  • Sherwin-Williams


    Grand Prairie, TX

    • Investment-Grade Tenant
    • Strategic Location
    • Favorable Lease
  • Bob Evans (Ground Lease)

    Bob Evans (Ground Lease)

    Summersville, WV

    • Corporate guarantee
    • Recent lease extension
    • Absolute NNN lease
  • Howard Family Dental

    Howard Family Dental

    Savannah, GA

    • Experienced guarantor
    • Absolute NNN
  • AutoZone (Ground Lease)

    AutoZone (Ground Lease)

    Summersville, WV

    • Investment grade tenant
    • Best-in-class retailer
    • Absolute NNN lease
  • Flowers Foods

    Flowers Foods

    Hope Mills, NC

    • Strong parent company
    • Near most populated military base in the world