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13 Listings

  • Everbrook Academy

    Everbrook Academy

    Novi, MI

    • New 2016 Construction with State-of-the-Art Design
    • Long-Term NNN Lease
  • La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

    La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

    O'Fallon, MO

    • Corporate Guarantee
    • Above Market Rental Escalations
    • Early Lease Extension
  • The Learning Experience

    The Learning Experience

    Richmond, TX

    • 16-Year NNN Lease with Rental Increases
    • New Build-to Suit Construction
  • The Children's Courtyard

    The Children's Courtyard

    Douglasville, GA

    • New 2016 construction
    • Corporate guaranty
    • Annual rental increases
    • NNN lease
  • Chick-fil-A Ground Lease

    Chick-fil-A Ground Lease

    Ashland, KY

    • Recent Capital Improvements
    • Top-Tier Restaurant Operator
    • Long-Term, Absolute NNN Ground Lease
  • Arby's


    Elk City, OK

    • Long Remaining Lease Term
    • Absolute NNN Lease with No Landlord Responsibility
  • Dollar Tree

    Dollar Tree

    O'Fallon, MO

    • Investment Grade Guarantor
    • Rare Rental Escalations in Initial Term
    • Early Lease Extension
  • O'Charley's (Ground Lease)

    O'Charley's (Ground Lease)

    Ashland, KY

    • Long-Term Absolute Triple Net Lease
    • Recent 10-Year Lease Extension
  • Arby's


    Poteau, OK

    • Absolute NNN lease with no LL responsibility
  • Jimmy's Egg

    Jimmy's Egg

    Pittsburg, KS

    • Long-Term, Absolute NNN Lease
    • Attractive Rental Escalations
    • Bustling Retail Trade Area
  • Family Dollar

    Family Dollar

    Gary, IN

    • Investment Grade Guarantor
    • Rental Escalations in Initial Term
  • White Castle Ground Lease

    White Castle Ground Lease

    Howell, MI

    • Absolute NNN Fee Simple Lease
    • Corporate Guaranty
    • Excellent Market Conditions