SJC Operations Leadership Retreat 2019

The Operations Leadership team of Stan Johnson Company, which includes 15 Senior VPs, Directors, and Managers representing the firm’s corporate departments, gathered at the Post Oak Lodge and Retreat Center outside Tulsa, Oklahoma for a day of professional development and collaboration. Amidst a packed day filled with topics including managing organizational change and teaming to achieve SJC’s key company growth goals, the Operations Leadership team put our heads and hearts together! Leaders also had the opportunity to take a break from the heavy-mindshare discussions to enjoy a beautiful spring day with a little competitive “Human Foosball” and the ever-popular Corn Hole. SJC’s leaders successfully competed on both fronts and then were back digging in on strategy together before the afternoon was finished. As we reflected together on SJC as an organization at this key point in our history, each leader expressed gratitude and respect for each leaders’ unique strengths, the incredible talent of the teams we lead, and the power of our shared energy to move SJC into an emergent, innovative, and rewarding future!

“The day exceeded my expectations – I had a great time learning about our individual strengths and how we can use them to collaborate across departments better. Also, my competitive spirit really stood out during our Human Foosball match! Overall, a great day and even better team!” 

- Andra Nelson, Recruiting Manager

“Collaborative, working sessions like these are so incredibly valuable. I’m thankful that SJC encourages team-building opportunities. Process change is hard, but we have a creative, open-minded team dedicated to growing the company, serving our clients, and seeing everyone succeed. I’m proud to be a member, and we always have a lot of fun together!”

- Lanie Beck, Director of Research & Communications

“We work in a relationship-driven business, so days like these give us an opportunity to invest in building relationships with our peers across the country. By getting to know our teammates on a deeper level, we’re better equipped to grow and adapt to our evolving marketplace so we can deliver extraordinary value to our clients. We have an outstanding team that I’m glad to work alongside every day!”

- Josh Campbell, Senior Vice President of Growth & Innovation