Stan Johnson Company Recognized as a Top Workplace in Oklahoma

2020 top work places

We are proud to announce that Stan Johnson Company has earned the prestigious title of being a Top Workplace in Oklahoma!

Earlier this year, all Tulsa employees were asked to complete a confidential survey about Stan Johnson Company. This survey measures employee satisfaction and engagement by asking employees to rank their company for several factors such as growth opportunity, cooperation and communication, and company values. As a direct result of employee feedback and input, we are proud to announce that, for the 3rd year in a row, we have earned a title of Top Workplace in Oklahoma! This title is so meaningful to us as an organization since it measures employee engagement and satisfaction. Below are a few common positive words that were repeated by many of our employees who participated in the survey:

GrowthFlexibilityTrustOpportunitiesCommitment  – Encouraged

As we continue to expand, we are focused on preserving our outstanding company culture and creating opportunities for our employees to grow within the firm.