Amy Moyer and Nichole Trobare Recognized as Top CRE Leaders and Influencers in 2020


We are humbled and pleased to announce two awards of recognition received by industry news leader, Amy Moyer, Managing Partner, has been recognized as a Best Boss of 2020. Nominated by a group of her direct reports, Amy is widely respected throughout the company, and her management style and follow-through are deeply appreciated among employees. Nichole Trobare, Digital Products Manager, has been named a commercial real estate Influencer in Technology for 2020. Nominated by those who work closest with her, Nichole demonstrates immense value to clients, and continually opens up new opportunities for the firm by understanding workflow requirements and translating data for a better digital experience. Please join us in congratulating Amy and Nichole on their recognitions!


Best Bosses 2020

Excerpt of article originally published by GlobeSt

What are the qualities of a good leader? In ordinary, pre-COVID-19 times, the answer would be easy. A sense of responsibility. The willingness to put the needs of the company, employees and customers front and center. Compassion. Smarts.

In the midst of a pandemic these qualities are just as important but it quickly becomes clear that other traits are perhaps even more important. The ability to lead when visibility into the future is cloudy and uncertain. Soothing and instilling confidence in those around you when you are feeling as frightened as everyone else. Grace under pressure.

When we first started sifting through the numerous entries for our Best Bosses nominations, the pandemic had begun. As we watched companies struggle to find their sea legs in this new normal, it gave us a front row view into how true leaders act during a crisis. We are confident that the men and women on the following pages meet this new criteria and then some.

AMY MOYER, Stan Johnson Company

Amy Moyer’s role within Stan Johnson Co. has evolved and grown alongside the firm throughout the past 16 years. Originally hired to lead the human resources division, Moyer was promoted to SVP of operations, appointed to the firm’s executive committee and invited to become a shareholder partner, all within last year. She has since been promoted to the position of managing partner. Throughout her time with the company, she has successfully overseen all departments across the corporate platform. She is widely respected throughout the company, and her management style and follow-through are deeply appreciated among employees. She can be counted on in times of crisis as a steadfast, professional companion. She supports the growth of every person that she works with by challenging them to take on responsibilities outside of their comfort zone. As a reliable leader, she holds herself and her team accountable, and has an incredible ability to manage and deliver projects and deadlines. Holding the company’s culture to its highest intentions, she empowers her team and trusts them with responsibility. She encourages her employees through coaching, mentorship and constant support, while providing the freedom to make decisions, develop ideas and implement new strategies. She shows up without hesitation and is always available and willing to offer a helping hand to ensure projects cross the finish line. An excellent communicator and a voice of reason, she regularly provides honest feedback. She serves as a key driver in bettering the firm through innovation. Constantly seeking meaningful ways to foster engagement, she is quick to embrace ideas that bring employees together across departments and across the country.


Influencers in Technology

Excerpt of article originally published by GlobeSt

Tech has always been a tricky space for commercial real estate. At first, the industry was a laggard in tech adoption; then it soon caught up. In the meantime, technology has been evolving to the point where it can remake companies’ business models and go-to-market strategies. Keeping up with these trends requires both tech acumen and a deep understanding of commercial real estate. We’ve identified some of the top people who have accomplished that in the following pages.

NICHOLE TROBARE, Stan Johnson Company

Nichole Trobare set out to build an encompassing, automated marketing platform at Stan Johnson Company, five years ago. With the notion to remain at the forefront of commercial real estate technology, she created an integrated platform that connected each listing from the firm’s website, email campaigns and third-party listing systems; allowing brokers to view all digital interactions across databases. Creating a more efficient marketing process by leveraging behavioral information, Trobare generated a data-driven form of decision making by targeting listings specific to buyers. Demonstrating immense value to clients through the successful shift, Trobare’s efforts significantly increased the firm’s average email open-rate, click-to-open ratio and memorandum downloads per listing. Offering measurable outcomes and insights to brokers and clients through the automated platform, she serves as a clear differentiator for the firm. As digital products manager, she oversees the firm’s platform, including all internal systems and potential products entering the market. Diving deeper into behavioral analytics and marketing automation, she continually opens up new opportunities for the firm by understanding workflow requirements and translating data for a better digital experience. She constantly implements initiatives to attract, identify, retarget and capture new leads as emerging private capital buyers enter the market.


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