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With more and more companies bringing their employees back to the office, now is an ideal time to examine the concept of where we work, or to be more specific, the best place to work. Conventional wisdom has it that offices must be designed for collaboration and creative work, as well as a cycling workforce that has adopted a hybrid schedule. This is, in fact, true in many cases. But we have gone further in the following pages, looking at the many moving parts that make up a good place to work. As you read through our selection of these offices, you will find there is a wide range of attributes, benefits and features that can go into a high-quality workplace and the company that provides it. 

Stan Johnson Company

It’s not uncommon to find professionals that have worked at commercial real estate brokerage and advisory firm, Stan Johnson Co. for long periods of time and in a number of roles. Amy Moyer, managing partner at Stan Johnson Co., is one such example. When she started at the company, she took a role that she assumed would be “an interesting job for a few years before I moved on to something else.” Now, 18 years and five positions later, Moyer realizes that she found her career at Stan Johnson Co. “Our company purpose is ‘Helping People Achieve Their Hopes and Dreams,’” Moyer says. “Of course we apply this as we work with our clients in the attainment of their goals, but it is definitely also applied to the development of our employees.” One company asset that has inspired her to remain at the firm is the collaboration among brokers as is evidenced by a centralized, shared database. Cameron Still, corporate marketing manager at the firm, also cites the collaborative nature as one of Stan Johnson Co.’s strengths. “It is common for broker teams to band together on complex deals and for corporate staff to collaborate on internal projects,” Still says. Beyond that, he appreciates the firm’s “genuine emphasis on growth, whether that be growth of the company or personal growth.” With 205 employees across 17 US offices, Stan Johnson Co. has been working to support its brokers with a new sales leadership role, which it created last year. The sales leader is tasked with producing and delivering targeted training, coaching and development, and generating more peer connectivity and competitions for the firm’s newly hired or promoted brokers. In terms of diversity, the firm has challenged itself to expand its recruiting and social networks, while continuously reviewing and revising workplace policies. Looking to provide work-life balance, the company offers summer Fridays, free Peloton app memberships, an employee assistance program and a culture club, which guides company leadership. Initiatives coming out of the culture club include SJCares, where employees serve in their local communities, and a new employee “buddy” program that matches every new hire with an experienced employee. 

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